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A photo of 3 women looking at the camera - every of them has different hairstyle


A great hair day looks different on everyone, but one thing is for sure: hair has the power to transform…

At Pantene, we believe in the power of hair. Dr Marianne La France, at Yale university has helped us identify that a great hair day is among the top 3 ways to directly impact how one feels about him/her/themselves. Turns out hair is not just hair; it is a deeper expression of self. Unfortunately, less than 1 out 10 have a great hair day every day, which is why we are constantly innovating to create more great hair days, for everyone: all hair types, all hair conditions, all ages and all genders. 

A photo of group of influential 'Pantene faces' people standing and posing to the camera


Created in collaboration with the LGBTQ+ community, we explore the true power of hair to express ourselves. Beyond sharing powerful hair stories, we are also teaming up with Kristin Rankin & The Dresscode Project: a global not-for-profit alliance of hair salons committed to providing positive hair services for LGBTQ+ clients.

Portrait of a woman with blond hair


We believe grey hair is beautiful, and it’s time to celebrate it.
The more we see grey hair, the more we see its beauty.

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An photo of a girl witk long curly ginger-blonde hair looking at the camera


We are on a mission to banish bad hair days by 2040 and enable positive hair journeys for everyone. According to a 2017 global study with Yale University, hair is critical for self-esteem and is an important extension and expression of identity.