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OUR PRO-Vnutrient story


It was purely by chance that Swiss doctors at an intensive care unit made a discovery that would change the history of hair care. It was the 1940s and they had been working with a brand new treatment to heal serious skin injuries. The treatment had been developed to help regenerate skin tissue. But as they were monitoring their patients, what caught the attention of the doctors was the dramatic effect it was having on hair. They were surprised to see it growing stronger and thicker where the skin had been treated. What was this miracle formula that was causing this effect? It was Pro-Vitamin B5.

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It was by chance yet again that news of Pro-Vitamin B5 made its way to the attention of beauty buyers for some of Europe’s top department stores. Very soon it became a highly prized and luxury hair tonic. It was in high demand at the most chic beauty counters from London to Paris to Madrid. The fact that it could only be produced in very limited quantities made it very exclusive and even more desirable. The demand for this miracle hair treatment inspired the creation of Pantene. And the world authority in vitamin efficacy—the Swiss Vitamin Institute—certified Pantene’s Pro-Vitamin B5 formula. At first Pantene was only available in Europe, but over the years, hundreds of millions of women from the USA to China have discovered and made it the world’s most popular hair care brand.

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Pantene has a unique Pro-V formula that transforms your hair by making it stronger. And ever since its origin, the Pro-V formula has been constantly advanced with help from Pantene’s global network of hair science experts. What started completely by chance over 70 years ago is now better than ever at making your hair stronger than ever. More great hair days for all!

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We have combined our legendary Pro-V with active hair nutrients, creating a blend to nourish hair inside and out.

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Gentle cleansing complexes to gently lift impurities from the surface of hair while helping to protect essential core nutrients.

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Active during the rinse to protect delicate strands. Designed to target and help repair the damaged areas of hair, restoring softness and manageability.

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Hydrate hair throughout to keep hair soft and flexible. Help restore and maintain a healthy moisture balance.