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A portrait of a girl with long blonde-ginger curly hair posing to the camera


Pantene & Yale University Reveals the Power of Hair

As a leading haircare brand invested in understanding the true power of hair, Pantene is on a mission to uncover the important social, psychological and emotional impact hair has to one’s individual identity.

In 2017, a global study from Dr. Marianne LaFrance at Yale University and Pantene unveiled that 9 out of 10 women globally were not happy with their hair. The study also proved that having a great hair day correlated with feeling more productive, less stressed, more rested, more socially powerful, more resilient, physically stronger and more in control.

Pantene is making a commitment to change the fact that so few experience good hair days, and in turn, the power that they bestow upon us. Pantene understands the true power of hair (more than society gives it credit for) and if more people were empowered by the social, psychological and emotional benefits of hair, it could make a difference in their days and lives. Through our products and actions in society, we want to encourage everyone to experience and embrace the power of hair.

When you type the words ‘My hair makes me feel’ into Google, you are presented with an array of negative affirmations. Pantene interviewed 100 women to understand the true importance of hair to one’s identity and self-worth.

The Pantene Google Video and Confessionals Series features 10 women (out of the 100 interviewed) to share raw, intimate and relatable insights into the power that hair truly has.