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We believe grey hair is beautiful, and it’s time to celebrate it.

The more we see grey hair, the more we see its beauty.


A collage of two photos of the same smiling woman - one with natural hair and second with grey hair

Why is it so shocking seeing women with grey hair?

It’s time to stop it.

Share your grey to join the movement by using GO_GREY.

Take a picture, choose your grey and share with your friends!

Because the more women go grey, the more we normalize it.

A collage of 3 Pantene Hair Biology Grey and Glowing Collection products surrounded by leaves, big Pro-V pill, drops of paint and splash of water and portrait of woman with grey hair

Discover our

grey & glowing



Purple shampoo with Jojoba Oil, Anti-oxidants and Pro-V that helps removing yellow tones and softens rebellious strands.

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