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A collage of portraits from Pentene Hair has no gender initiative.

Whatever hair you dream of

we stand with you


Whatever hair you dream of, we stand with you

Created in collaboration with the LGBTQ2+ community, the Pantene #HairHasNoGender campaign explores the true power of hair to express identity and the power of support from those around us to enable that self-expression.

Did you know that 53% of LGBTQ2+ feel the need to hide their identity at work?
Let’s All Become Visible Allies to the LGBTQ2+ Community and
Create a More Inclusive Workplace for All. CLICK THE MODULES BELOW TO LEARN HOW

We have collected hands-on tips and ideas for organizations and employees to create safer and more inclusive workspaces. These have been co-created with LGBTQ2+ organizations across the globe and members of the LGBTQ2+ community.

Watch our latest film to hear 12 members of the LGBTQ2+ community from around the world - Joppe, Katy, Yaroslav, Charlie, Vivek, Angela, Eduardo, Strify, Camilla, Erika, Cathy and Silvano - tell their stories about what their hair means to their identity and the power of support from their colleagues to express their true selves in the workplace. Our support goes beyond giving the community a platform to share their stories; we are also partnering with TheDressCodeProject & Out Leadership as well as local associations to provide tips and tricks for a more inclusive workplace, safe spaces and job opportunities for the LGBTQ2+ community. Pantene’s ultimate mission is to create more allies for the LGBTQ+ community, provide safe spaces for those who do not have them, and give more great hair days for everyone. Let’s all become visible allies.

A collage of portraits from Pantene Hair has no gender initiative.

Meet our cast

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