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A photo of 4 women looking at the camera - every of them has different hairstyle

Our Promise


As the world’s leading hair care brand, we are honored to serve millions of people every day – we transform their hair, how they feel about themselves, the beauty norms & culture they are surrounded by and importantly the planet we all share & love.

At Pantene, we believe in the power of hair. Dr Marianne La France, at Yale university has helped us identify that a great hair day is among the top 3 ways to directly impact how one feels about him/her/themselves. Turns out hair is not just hair; it is a deeper expression of identity and self. Unfortunately, less than 1 out 10 have a great hair day every day, which is why we are constantly innovating to create more great hair days, for everyone: all hair types, all hair conditions, all ages and all genders. In doing that we also take pride in shaping culture; challenging hair shaming, questioning the bias against women going grey, championing diverse beauty and changing the visual diet we all consume every day.

Our brand is built on products that actually deliver measurable & meaningful performance improvements. We apply industry leading safety standards and we use the highest quality ingredients. No ifs or buts. Our products are clean, transparent and tested by the Swiss Vitamin Institute, a world authority in vitamin efficacy. And we are making strides in being more sustainable. Our packaging is already 89% recyclable and we’re working on increasing that to 100%. We re-use plastic, with more than 90% of our bottles sold in Europe having up to 25% post-consumer recycled plastic (PCR). All our manufacturing sites send zero waste to landfill. We are increasing the amount of renewable energy and decreasing the amount of water we use to make our products. In fact, we are launching waterless line ups that allow consumers to extend the time between washes, ultimately reducing water consumption. And recently In Paris and New York, Pantene became part of a world first: Loop, a subscription service that sells a variety of brands in durable, reusable packaging.

We are on a mission to transform hair, culture & the world we live it. And we will keep making strides. We are honored to be the world’s number 1 hair care brand, and we do not take this responsibility lightly.