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# #PowerOfHair Schools Programme

An Afroamerican woman sitting on the chair and looking at her reflection in the mirror, while the creative haircare team is discussing and creating her hairstyle

#PowerOfHair Schools Programme

Pantene joins forces with Ideas Foundation to launch #PowerOfHair Schools Programme to help end hair discrimination and inspire the next generation of hair confidence.

93% of Black people in the UK have faced microaggressions related to their Afro hair

and school was highlighted as the most common place where the discrimination took place¹.

Hair has been shown to be key to confidence and identity, which is why Pantene is on a mission to give more great hair days to all. We have set a goal of increasing the positive representation and understanding of Afro hair through advertising and education to help reduce micro aggressions, which is why we have teamed up with the Ideas Foundation.

Three Afroamerican women looking at the camera and laughing
#PowerOfHair Schools Programme Logo's

Pantene and Ideas Foundation have teamed up to create a series of creative #PowerOfHair workshops that can be woven into the curriculum, focusing on raising awareness and understanding of Afro hair discrimination, promoting hair confidence, and equipping students with essential skills to help set them up for the future.

Following rigorous testing and development with over 1400 students, the workshop material is now available as free downloadable lesson plans, designed to be woven into the curriculum for KS2 and KS3 students across STEM, English, Art, Drama and more.

Are you an educator? Join us on our #PowerOfHair journey and download the lesson plans today.

The pupils really had their eyes opened regarding microaggressions around hair. It wasn’t something they were conscious of. They very much enjoyed creating artwork incorporating different types of hair from their own and it was pleasing to hear pupils celebrating hair and hairstyles from different cultures. This was a fantastic workshop, which combined science, art and social conscience in a fun and informative way.

~Trerobart Primary School.

Three Afroamerican women looking at the camera and laughing

What a fantastic morning! Today’s session was delivered to over sixty learners who were captivated throughout. The children enjoyed the delivery and were very interested in the term micro aggression.

~ Penywaun Primary School

Hair is part of identity and culture. I’m thrilled to see the students’ diverse approaches to this theme and the powerful outcome.

~ Creative Media Camp Participant

Based on the belief that ideas are the foundation of any creative endeavor, the Ideas Foundation works with young people, regardless of their backgrounds to encourage them to explore and develop their own ideas, stimulate their innate creativity, and give them a voice.

To find out more about the Ideas Foundation and enquire about a facilitated #PowerOfHair workshop at your school or our next teacher training event, please visit

1 Research by Censuswide, of 510 Black men & women with Afro Hair in the UK, 2020