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Dry hair repair: home remedies and treatments
A photo of a woman in towel touching her wet hair after shower

Dry hair repair: home remedies and treatments

Do you feel like your hair is tangled every day or is dull, frizzy and full of split ends? You probably have dry hair, but you can easily rehydrate those locks with our great treatments and remedies.

Dry hair can happen for many reasons including genetic and environmental. Lack of hydration leads to dry hair, especially for curly hair where natural scalp oils have more difficulty navigating all those bends.

Home remedies and treatments for dry hair

  • Nourish dry hair

If hair starts to lack moisture the cuticles, hair’s natural protective shield from the sun, rain and heat, separate, causing oil escape and dry hair. It’s crucial to incorporate a hydration treatment in your hair routine to protect it from heat and humidity.

  • Choose a shampoo specifically for dry hair

It’s essential to pick a shampoo specifically for dry hair that leaves hair clean and shiny without stripping away natural oils. Pantene Pro-V Smooth & Sleek is ideal and also protects from heat damage.

  • Layer your products properly

Conditioning after shampooing is especially important with dry hair. Conditioner moisturises, helping hair stay hydrated. If you heat style your hair always use a nourishing oil like Pantene Pro V Argan infused oil.

  • Skip daily shampooing

You really don’t need to shampoo every day, twice or three times a week really is enough and it also reduces how often you need to blow dry or heat style.

  • Avoid the roots when moisturising fine hair

Fine hair is delicate so only apply a small amount of conditioner back from the ends, the driest parts, to mid-length without reaching the roots. This way your hair will stay hydrated without looking greasy on top.

  • Add an overnight mask to your routine

For an extra boost of hydration a night mask is ideal for dry dull hair. Wake in the morning to smoothness and sleekness, especially if you have a long day ahead outdoors.

  • Trim dry ends frequently

Dry hair often causes split ends leading to lots of frizz. Regular trimming is a great way to improve the look and health of your hair.

  • Avoid intense colouring and bleaching

Regular dying and bleaching damages hair, go for a new natural look or use a deep conditioner after your colour treatment for deeper hydration and elasticity.

With just a few changes you can easily combat dry hair to bring back smoothness, shine and moisture.

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