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How to protect and prevent heat damaged hair
A photo of a woman with long brown hair styling her hair with a curling iron

How to protect and prevent heat damaged hair

Hot tools increase your chances of damaged hair. Over time heat exposure affects hair’s keratin strands, a protective protein that sustains hair structure and health, leading to weak damage prone hair. Preventing and protecting is a must for all hair types, avoid direct heat as much as possible and use good quality protective shampoos, conditioners and hair masks.

How to know if my hair is heat damaged?

If bad hair is the norm then your hair may be heat damaged. Split ends are the most obvious sign as is lack of bounce, dry feeling, extra shedding, dullness, frizz and breakage.

To what extent can I repair heat damaged hair?

Damaged hair is irreversible as the damage is at a cellular level, however there are many ways to manage it. Trimming, protection and prevention can help repair much of the damage and stop it in its tracks.

What are the main causes of heat damaged hair?

Direct heat can damage hair at a cellular level. Blow drying, straightening and curling can wreak havoc on hair. Here are some answers to the most common questions about heat tool damage, how it affects your tresses and the best ways to limit damage.

• Does blow drying damage hair?

Blow driers are hot enough to parch any head. This loss of moisture leads to dry, damaged hair that is prone to breakage.
What is the best way to blow dry your hair?
Air dry your hair naturally or air dry halfway and finish on a low temperature with the dryer at a distance. Use a hair mask like Pantene Keratin Oil to help protect from heat damage.

• Do hair straighteners damage hair?

Hair straighteners apply direct heat to hair which over time weakens and dries hair, leading to damage.
Can you straight natural hair without heat?
Plastic rollers or wrapping your hair will do the job. You can also boost your hair surface smoothness and repair it with Pantene Deep Conditioner Serum.

• Can you get heat damage from curling irons?

The heat from curling irons breaks down hair’s keratin proteins, leading to brittle damaged hair.
How to get your hair curly naturally and restore natural curl pattern to heat damaged hair
Change your habits, avoid direct heat, excessive shampooing and bleaching. Opt instead for protein treatments, hair oil and regular trims to restore natural beauty.

How long it takes to repair heat damaged hair?

Hair takes time to repair, but the first visible signs can be even after the first treatment. Protective nourishing treatments can have hair looking and feeling great again in a matter of weeks.

How to strengthen heat damaged hair?

Keratin rich masks and Pantene Pro-V Keratin Protect Oils can help nourish and replenish hair quickly while moisturising and protecting shampoos and conditioners can reverse dryness, restore elasticity and strength. For instant results try Pantene Pro-V Rescue Shots for healthier shinier hair in just 1 minute.

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