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How to get healthy and shinier hair
A photo of back of the head with long brown shiny hair

How to get healthy and shinier hair

Is your hair feeling tired and dull from all that styling? Do you even remember what your natural hair looks like? Revitalise your hair now to return that natural glossy look. It’s so easy with our tips for luscious looking natural locks.

How to tell if your hair is healthy?

Not sure if your hair is healthy? Here are some easy steps to check if your hair is healthy:

  1. After brushing, check if hair is left behind, minimal hair fall is a sure sign of strong hair.

  2. Run your fingers through your hair, if it’s smooth and tangle free, not dry and weak, then your hair passes the health test.

  3. Healthy hair has natural bounce, hop in front of the mirror or gently pull your hair, if it bounces right back into place then you’ve got no worries.

  4. A dandruff free head means a healthy scalp, which is essential for healthy hair.

How to get healthy and shinier hair

Everybody loves having shiny and healthy hair. To help keep your hair strong, shiny and healthy you just follow these simple and effective methods for washing and styling.

  • Brush your hair before you shower

Hair gets weak when wet and more prone to tangling. Dodge this by brushing before you jump in the shower.

  • Avoid hot water

Hot water can damage your hair, leaving it dry, leading to increased hair fall, scalp inflammation and dandruff.

  • Use the right amount of shampoo

You don’t need to shampoo every day, once or twice a week is enough. Apply directly to the scalp and opt for a shampoo that specifically nourishes your hair, to keep it healthy and beautiful.

  • Condition correctly

Apply a small amount of conditioner to the dry ends of your hair, not the scalp. Always pick a conditioner specially for healthy hair.

  • Feed your hair

Use a hair mask specially designed to nourish.

  • Key ingredients

Pantene’s Repair & Protect range contains key care ingredients, keratin to smooth hair, collagen for thicker hair, biotin to increase keratin production and boost hair growth and moisturising castor oil to strengthen and increase elasticity.

  • Sleep like a princess

Use a silk pillowcase to help retain moisture and natural oils and reduce friction that leads to tangles and breakage.

  • Avoid heat

Go for natural and heat free products for a smooth and shiny finish.

Healthy shinier hair is just a step away. With just a little extra care and the right products in your hair care regime you can transform yourself. Give yourself glorious glowing locks every day, not just for special occasions.

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