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A photo of Brooke Cochran standing on blurred background

Brooke Cochran

Pantene Scientist

Formulator & Inventor of the new Sulfate-Free Shampoo

“I want to create products that my mum and sister will love because of their benefits and ingredients”

Brooke creates new shampoo formulas for Pantene, like the new sulphate-free shampoos. When she started as a formulator, her friends and family asked if she could make shampoos that were sulphate-free like the other products they were using around their homes and in their showers. The truth was that sulphate-free formulas at the time rarely worked well enough to pass Pantene’s performance tests and meet her friends and family’s expectations of what they would do for their hair. They did not lather well enough to spread easily and hair felt dirty again too soon after washing. She set out to change this.

Brooke made more than 100 different batches of sulphate-free shampoos. She spent months testing the formulas in the lab and with her pickiest co-workers who have high expectations of what a shampoo should do for their hair. She created a new range of sulphate-free formulas that lather beautifully, clean gently, and deliver important nutrients – like hydrators and antioxidants – for better hair.