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Best vitamins for hair

When it comes to keeping your body healthy, you know the importance of eating a balanced diet that’s rich in vitamins and minerals. But how much do you value the importance of products containing vitamins in your haircare routine?

What vitamins are good for hair?

When it comes to the best vitamins for hair, generally speaking the vitamins that promote good health are those that are good for our health overall. There are no studies that identify specific foods as improving your hair individually. That said, it’s all about balance, so in order to function normally and stay ‘healthy’, your hair needs a steady supply of Vitamin B12, B3, C, A, D, Biotin, Essential fatty acids, and trace elements Zinc, Copper and Selenium, in addition to protein for growth and repair. In terms of foods that offer these benefits, it’s good to maximise your intake of leafy, green vegetables – excellent sources of vitamins A and C and full of calcium and iron – dark green veggies, green peas for multivitamins and iron, and carrots for vitamin A.

Vitamins for healthy hair: Pro-V nutrient blend

Pantene has long played a big part in the way vitamins can support your hair health. Back in the 40s, intensive care doctors found that where vitamin B5 was used, stronger and thicker hair grew at the site. This led to some pretty big questions about how this could be replicated in haircare and our Pro-V blend was born – the rest, as they say, is Pantene hair history.

This game-changing formula is recognised by the Swiss Vitamin Institute, an official laboratory set up to analyse vitamins in food, beverage, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals relative to public health. And the great news is that all of our products use the Pantene formula containing this iconic Pro-V blend, to help your hair on its way to becoming its healthy best. In our shampoos, like our Classic Clean Shampoo, strengthening lipids melt into the hair shaft to promote stronger hair and elasticity. Think bouncy, healthy hair like the kind you’d see on TV ads.

Within our Pro-V conditioners, like our Classic Clean Conditioner, it’s this blend that penetrates to the fibre core for deep strengthening via lipid replenishment and protection from daily protein damage. As a result, hair can be stronger and intensely nourished – a benefit for all hair types.

Now, we’re really looking out for new ingredients and vitamins for hair that can make a positive difference to your hair’s health and appearance. Our Repair and Protect Collection’s the perfect example of a formula that gently cleanses, while fuelling hair with active Pro-V nutrients to strengthen strands from the inside-out. The perfect remedy for hair that’s prone to breakage, or lacks in smoothness and shine. Magic!

Hair vitamins: Vitamin E

Outside your regular washing routine, our selection of deeply nourishing and fortifying hair treatments support your hair day-to-day in looking fuller and growing stronger from the root. Our Repair and Protect Dry Oil with Vitamin E instantly absorbs into brittle strands to protect hair from breakage without water between washes. It gives a glossy finish that’s featherweight, so hair’s left with shine and bounce.

In addition to our Pro-V blend fuelled products and a vitamin-rich diet, key to healthy hair is of course hair that’s well-moisturised, and so it’s important to regularly treat your hair and deliver a moisture boost where you can. See our guide to how to use a hair mask for the full step-by-step routine.

We hope now you have more of an understanding of how vitamins help hair on its way to looking shiny and feeling strong. Reap those benefits for yourself and you’ll see a return on the number of good hair days you’re having for years to come.