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What is keratin?

You know when your hair is feeling a bit dry, rough, dull, haystack-like – or in extreme cases, you can tell it’s been damaged? At times like these you may have daydreamed how great it would be if you could repair and fortify your hair with the very stuff it’s made of. A real strength cure for your mane, if you will.
Well, we have some good news… our products are specially formulated to protect the very protein that makes up your hair, so it looks and feels stronger.

Keratin protein: what is it?

Simply put, keratin is a protein that can be found in the make-up of hair. Did you know that, pound for pound, hair is actually stronger than steel? 85% of our hair is made up of proteins, mainly keratin protein, which support strong hair growth.

If your hair’s regularly put under the strain of damaging effects, like heat styling, colouring or damage from the elements, it gradually becomes weaker and eventually tends to break. That’s because the hair’s proteins can become damaged, weakening its overall structure.

Pantene’s products, infused with lipids, help to protect the natural keratin for less breakage and stronger* hair. Keep reading to find out why they’re so beneficial for hair that’s crying out for some TLC.

Keratin benefits for hair

Protecting proteins, like keratin, within the hair will help maintain stronger, healthier-looking hair. So, it makes sense that your haircare kit contains products that do just that. Our selection of fortifying hair masks cater to all hair types and needs to ensure the natural keratin within strands is protected against everyday damage.

Keratin protection against styling damage

When it’s damaged, you’ll notice strands can look and feel dry, rough and weak. If your hair’s seen better days, a rich repairing mask that works to protect the natural keratin within strands can be your saviour. Our Repair & Protect Deep Repair Masque works to fight signs of damage and repair weak, damaged hair. For best results, use 2-3 times a week to restore smoothness, shine and manageability. Apply to damp hair, beginning at the tips and massaging upwards. Rinse thoroughly and style as normal. It helps to repair up to 6 months of damage in as little as 2 minutes! The rich formula penetrates hair fibres to help strengthen** and nourish every strand from root to tip. After one use, your hair will feel noticeably silkier, softer with a smooth finish – something you’d no doubt forgotten your hair could achieve.

Keratin protection against colour damage

If you regularly colour or bleach your hair, it’s vital your haircare routine includes a protective mask that’s used between salon treatments to maintain healthy-looking hair. Our Colour Protect Masque’s just the thing you’re looking for. Using a deeply nourishing mask on colour-treated hair, not only works to protect the hair’s keratin from damage, it also helps your colour last longer. Hair that’s well hydrated holds colour better and that means you can space out those salon treatments. A benefit for your purse and your troubled tresses! This intensive treatment can work in place of your everyday conditioner to help maintain your colour’s vibrancy, or as a deep treatment 2-3 times a week.

Keratin protection against Mother Nature

If your hair’s lacking moisture, it can seek it from the air around you. The problem is, when this happens, strands can overcompensate on moisture retention and that’s when our common foe, frizz, appears. Defy humidity by giving hair the moisture it’s crying out for with our Smooth & Sleek Masque. An intensely hydrating treatment that works in as little as 2 minutes. Goodbye frizz, hello smooth and silky strands.

All our products contain our nutritive Pro-V blend - a blend of ingredients which harnesses the power of strengthening Pro-Vitamin B5. Our formulas replenish your hair’s lipids and help to protect the delicate proteins, like keratin, from damage, for shiny and healthy-looking hair.

Read our guide on how to use a hair mask for everything you need to know about adding this in to your routine, because stronger, healthy hair is better-looking hair.

*strength against styling damage, vs. non-conditioning shampoo
**Against styling damage