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Let’s All Become Visible Allies to the LGBTQ2+ Community: A Guide

Hands-on tips and ideas for organizations and employees to create safer and inclusive workspaces for the LGBTQ2+ community. Co-created with organizations and members of the LGBTQ2+ community.


1. Educate:

a. Organize trainings and workshops for your employees at all levels with topics such as;

i. understanding bias and microaggressions

ii. using inclusive language and the importance of pronouns

iii. how to demonstrate visible allyship

iv. key terms explained (gender identity, sexual orientation etc.)

2. Demonstrate :

a. Publish your policies around LGBTQ2+ inclusion, equal opportunity, anti-sexual harassment and anti-discrimination on your website and share it with new members as part of their onboarding

b. Introduce inclusive facilities such as all-gender bathrooms for employees

c. Offer equal opportunities such as parental leave inclusive of all genders, sexual orientations and family constellations

d. Include transition related-care in your medical insurance employees

e. Make sure that your branding and marketing position is inclusive of all identities

3. Celebrate:

a. Celebrate and participate in key events during the year such as PRIDE season, Trans Day of Visibility, Pride parades

b. Have LGBTQ2+ supportive materials visible in the office space such as rainbow stickers, posters etc


1. Educate:

a. Read up on LGBTQ2+ inclusion (some great online resources can be found here)

b. Participate in company trainings and workshops around equality & inclusion

c. Understand the barriers the LGBTQ2+ community faces and take action against any kind of oppression

d. Keep learning. There is always more to know. The best practices keep evolving.

2. Demonstrate :

a. Respect and treat everyone the way you want to be treated yourself

b. Use inclusive and positive language and avoid making assumptions

i. Be conscious of microaggressions and biases – we often just speak our mind without thinking of the impact the words can have on the other person

ii. Be mindful of the impact of language, for instance instead of asking “do you have a boyfriend?” you can ask “do you have a partner?”

c. Actively engage in conversations related to LGBTQ2+ topic: for instance you can talk to your colleagues about LGBTQ2+ related movies that you have seen or articles that you have read

d. If comfortable, Share your pronouns with new people that you meet and include in your email signature, corporate profile, social media etc.

e. Request information by starting with yourself and asking others – “Hi, I am Jane. My pronouns are she, her. Are you comfortable sharing how you like to be addressed?” Then lead with a ‘Why’ – “We want to know how to address you while contacting you on phone.”

f. Put LGBTQ2+ supporting stickers on your computer/badge/phone

3. Celebrate:

a. Participate in LGBTQ2+ celebrating events such as Pride parades, online webinars, workshops on LGBTQ2+ topics etc. and encourage others to join too

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