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Why Does Fine Hair Tend To Fall Flat In The Heat?
A photo of sad woman with damaged hair looking up at her fringe

Why Does Fine Hair Tend To Fall Flat In The Heat

Hair, humidity, horrendous. These words often tend to be grouped together, especially in the hot summer months.

In the same way that curly hair tends to get frizzy in heat and humidity, with fine hair humidity tends to make it go flat. This is because moisture usually returns fine hair to its natural configuration. Fine hair can be straighter and more flexible than thick hair, which can cause fine hair to fall flat in high humidity. Although it may sound counter-intuitive, women with fine hair need to use conditioning products to control the movement of moisture in and out of their hair for this reason. Fortunately there are lightweight conditioning products available for fine hair that don’t weigh hair down and, help prevent the impact humidity can on your hair.