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How to get more volume in hair
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How to get more volume in hair

When it comes to handbags and hair, "bigger is better," is our mantra. Hair that looks vibrant and glossy oozes health and there’s something about soft, voluminous hair that adds a glamorous edge to every outfit. No wonder it’s the go-to look from A-listers on the red carpet to low key night’s out with the girls. Dressed up or down, voluminous, full-bodied tresses give everyone a spring in their step.

If your hair has flatlined or just doesn’t have the oomph that it used to, you’re probably on the search for how to give your hair more volume, so you’ve come to the right place. Read on for the easiest ways to inflate limp tresses, leaving you with long-lasting volume.

Va va voom, add volume to hair

Big, bouncy hair has been top of our wish lists for decades. Think back to Brigitte Bardot’s 1960’s bouffant through to Cindy Crawford’s supermodel super-mane in the 90’s and today’s icons hair inspo icons, from Beyoncé and Jennifer Lopez to any of the Kardashian’s, wide and wonderful blown-out hair is everything.

The foundation for healthy, modern volume is a great cleansing and conditioning regime that builds life and lift into their hair from the very first step. Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume is infused with a quartet of deeply nourishing and restorative elements, blending rose water, castor oil, biotin with innovative haircare technology and Pro-V nutrients. If you’re looking to encourage more root lift, no matter what your hair type, it’s important to opt for a light shampoo that gets rid of product build up without weighing the hair down. The new Lift’n’Volume Shampoo gently cleanses dry, damaged hair by infusing it with the nutrients the hair needs to hold onto moisture without any of the dreaded heaviness that can cause locks to look thin and lank.

Caring from your hair from root to tip is vital to encourage more life and lift into each hair strand. Make every hair strand count by choosing products that, like the Lift’n’Volume family of products, that has the sulphate free and silicone free shampoo.

Consider how often you wash your hair? Too often can be detrimental, drying out tresses with every additional cleanse, but equally don’t go too long between shampoos. According to experts, the ideal is somewhere between 1-2 times per week, but experiment with your regime to find your optimal frequency.

If you’re after stronger, more voluminous hair then the next step to address is your conditioning routine. When washing your hair, ensure you’re using the right products and not too much of them. Opt for a lightweight, volumising conditioner like Pantene’s new Lift’n’Volume Silicone Free Conditioner that nourishes each strand from root to tip without weighing the hair down and apply to the mid lengths and ends only to maintain that easy breezy texture. Deeply hydrating yet lightweight in texture it works to ensure the hair is reinforced from within and it’s been proven to deliver 100% visibly thicker, fuller hair*. Yup, 100%. Weekly conditioning treatments are also a must to create and maintain volume and vitality with every wash. Pantene’s Body & Strength Silicon Free Mask’s biotin rich formula is paired with scalp soothing rose water that repairs each strand from within, hydrating the core structure of your hair so that it looks and feels bursting with health. Healthy hair exudes an inner vibrancy and natural volume that’s hard to fake, plus, it’s so much easier to style well-nourished tresses.

How to give hair more volume

We all tend to wear our hair a certain way, or treat it less optimally than we intend, but it’s these daily stressors (heated styling, tight updo’s, using the wrong products or too much of them) that can damage hair and undermine your chances in achieving effortless volume. Once you’ve stopped your hair sins, styling products can really elevate your mane game.

When you’re looking for how to give hair more volume it can be easy to overlook the obvious, but the fastest route to a volume is just flipping your head upside down when the hair is 90 per cent dry and blasting the hairdryer at the roots for the last few minutes. Like a face lift for your hair, when you dry locks this way the roots stand up from your scalp giving instant height. With the addition of a heat protecting, frizz-reducing product like Pantene’s 7-in-One Weightless Oil Mist, you can achieve incredible long-lasting body that gives hair a gorgeous up-and-out volume.

How to get more volume in your hair? Once you start with these simple hacks, high-rise hair is yours for the taking. For more hair hacks on how to make thin hair look thicker, take a look at our guide!

*vs. unwashed hair

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