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What Creates Shiny Hair?
A photo of blonde hair pinned up with bobby pins which create PANTENE word

What Creates Shiny Hair?

Pantene has identified four critical aspects of an “ice-like” shine: —smoothness, purity, regularity and reflectivity. Let’s look at these aspects one by one.

Smoothness: A shiny surface, like that of shiny hair, must be free of bumps and jagged edges. Surface imperfections can severely diminish sparkle. The surface of the cuticle should ideally be unscratched or gouged.

Purity: For best depth of shiny hair, the clear cuticle layers should not be clouded with dulling mineral or hairstyling product deposits.

Regularity: Shiny hair, like a crystal, needs uniform regularity so that light can bounce off the hair and back to the eye at a controlled angle. Increased hair regularity can minimize light scattering to deliver higher-intensity shine.

Reflectivity: Hair’s naturally reflective surface can be enhanced with certain ingredients that reflect light brilliantly to maximize hair’s radiance.