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How to grow out your hair
A photo of a young woman with long dark-blonde hair with headphones in her ears fixing her hair

How to grow out your hair

We’ve all done it once; thinking that it would be great to have a short, choppy style, then missing your long hair a few weeks in to your new ‘do. Or, questioning the mirror in frustration, wondering why on earth your hair never seems to grow past shoulder length.

But fear not – if you’re on a quest to find out how to grow out your hair and get it back to its former glory, there are a few things you can do to help speed up the process and support your hair on its journey. 

If you’re looking for how to grow out hair, we’ve rounded up a few small changes you can make to your routine that’ll support it on its journey to becoming longer and stronger. Ready? Let’s get started…

How to grow your hair

Get regular trims

It sounds like exactly the wrong thing to do when you’re trying to grow your hair, but regularly removing the very ends – the driest and most damaged parts – will improve your hair’s health and growth over time. No, really, nobody will notice you’ve been to the hairdresser’s! Trimming your hair every 8 weeks or so is a good target, and you will definitely see the difference in your hair growing speed after a few regular trims.

Use the right shampoo and conditioner

Long hair comes from healthy hair, and healthy hair uses the perfect match of shampoo and conditioner. 

As a general rule, fine hair that gets weighed down easily should seek out clear shampoo formulas and lightweight conditioning options. These deeply cleanse the scalp and roots, giving your hair a good healthy starting point for growth. Meanwhile thicker, coarse hair types will really soak up richer nutritive ingredients and thick conditioners.

Try our Hair Superfood 3 Minute Miracle to give your hair the moisture boost it needs. It’s like a multivitamin for hair, containing a blend of nutrients to help support your hair’s health – for fuller and stronger hair. It works like a deep treatment but is used in the same way as your regular conditioner. Genius! Complete the haircare routine by pairing it with our new Superfood Shampoo, combining a potent blend of key nutrients, to help nourish and strengthen strands.

Still unsure about the right picks for you? Our guide on how to choose the right shampoo for your hair type will help you nail this step, plus read up on what does conditioner do for a deep dive into this moisturising master.

Please add a small paragraph on mask: it helps restoring hair and help fighting damage (that in returns stops hair from growing as healthy as it should). You can recommend Pantene Protect & Repair Deep Intense Mask

Ensure your hair habits are on point

Healthy hair is stronger hair is longer hair, so it’s important to keep an eye on your styling habits to ensure they’re not wreaking havoc with your hair health. Breakage is the exact opposite of what you want if your end goal is long, lustrous hair.

Your hair is at its weakest when wet, so it’s important you treat it with a bit of care and avoid a few bad habits when drying or combing. Firstly, brushing your hair while wet is a major no-no, as the extra strain on your hair can cause it to snag and break. While we’re on the subject of brushing, be gentle with your brush when trying to remove tangles, and use a wide-tooth comb or natural bristle brush to minimise wear & tear and breakage.

After washing, resist the urge to give your hair a good old rub with the towel post-wash! The friction is no good for your hair and can cause damage to the surface, leading to breakage over time. Instead, wrap your hair in a cotton t-shirt or invest in a microfibre towel, which will quickly draw water from your hair without damaging it.

Lastly, be careful when using heat on your hair. Always, always, always use some heat protection and try to dry your hair on the cool setting when blow drying.

Then, before straightening or curling, always ensure your hair is completely dry before using your scorching hot tools.

Giving hair a little added moisture and nourishment between washes is a great defence against hair breakage, allowing hair to grow long and strong. Using a hydrating dry oil, like our PANTENE PRO-V KERATIN PROTECT OIL, will ensure the right amount of moisture and smoothness to nourish brittle strands and it’s featherweight texture gives hair extra protection without leaving it greasy or weighed down.

Your lifestyle including diet could be having an impact on your hair health, especially if you’re under significant stress or experiencing a major shift in hormones, such as pregnancy or being a new mum. If you’re concerned about your health, always speak with your doctor for further advice.

It doesn’t have to be an impossible quest to grow out your hair – simply make a few tweaks to your haircare regime and your newfound healthy hair will thank you for it. Remember that looking after your hair’s health is what supports it in its journey to becoming strong and long!