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Overnight Serum For Damaged Hair
Overnight Serum For Damaged Hair

Overnight Serum For Damaged Hair

Overnight 8H Active Serum for Damaged Hair: Repair Damaged Hair in 8 Hours!

Nothing lasts forever and neither does beautifully nourished, hydrated hair. Hair needs regular care or it ends up dry and brittle, gasping for hydration. Modern life is so hectic, if only we could care for our hair at night… What if we told you that now you can do exactly that and repair damaged hair overnight while you’re sleeping? That’s what Pantene Beauty Reset overnight serum does for you! The ultra-moisturising leave in serum has a nutrient rich formula with Biotin and Baobab Extract, Hyaluronic Acid and Pro-V that provides nourishing all night long hair care that can repair 7 days of damage in just 8 hours. Now you can enjoy your beauty sleep and wake up to softer, hydrated and visibly repaired hair.

Night repair serum: leave in hair treatment for dry and damaged hair

If you wash, dye or style your hair too often, it will become drier and drier. Do you want to get that shine and softness back in your locks? New Pantene overnight serum is the way to go.

What is a night serum?

Overnight serum, night serum or leave-in night treatment are all different names for the same thing. Whatever name you use, the goal is still the same – the treatment repairs damaged hair while you sleep. At night our bodies and minds get a chance to regenerate and our hair can relax too. Applying nourishing serum just before bed will help even the most damaged and dry strands.

How does overnight 8H active serum work?

Pantene overnight hair serum provides additional hydration and can actually improve hair fibres.

Pantene overnight serum gives you healthy glowing, hydrated hair by combining our famous pro-vitamin B5 formula with biotin, a water-binding hyaluronic acid, and baobab oil, cold-pressed from the African Savannah “Tree of Life”. Baobab trees are well known for their amazing ability to retain remarkable amounts of water and survive long lasting droughts. Baobab oil is a high quality source of vitamin E, which does wonders for hair hydration. All the baobab essence used in our overnight serum is tested and certified by the Swiss Vitamin Institute.

Use your beauty sleep more effectively to improve your hair quality by letting nutrients penetrate deeper and longer, working on both inside and outside your hair. Fill damaged hair with nutrients to help build a protective layer that shields against further damage.

How effective is Overnight 8H active serum?

Overnight 8H active serum repairs hair while you sleep to leave hair looking visibly more vibrant and smoother when you wake. But don’t just take our word for it, let the figures speak for themselves: 17 times less breakage! +152% extra shine Over 90% of consumers agree*:
– Hair looks more moisturised
– Hair looks visually repaired
– Hair feels smoother
– Hair looks healthier

*based on customer feeling after usage, not consumer in-use testing.

Overnight 8H active serum and thirsty ends all-day treatment

For maximum effect, use our overnight hair treatment together with Milk To Water Serum Thirsty Ends Quencher. This leave in hair care product helps repair damage and mend split ends. Enriched with biotin, baobab essence and pro-vitamin B5, the formula gives weightless hydrated hair and a healthy glow.

Make this powerful hydrating duo your day and night miracle workers to transform dry, brittle hair into moisturised locks in 24 hours.

How should I apply Overnight 8H active serum?

Apply overnight hair serum at night, before bed on dry or damp hair. There’s no need to rinse, not even when you wake in the morning, just let it continue working as part of your hair care routine.

Should I use Overnight 8H active serum every night?

Overnight serum works best with regular use and can even be applied during the day! Application may vary depending on your hair needs, for best results we recommend using it for 1 to 2 weeks, depending on your level of hair dryness. Different hair requires different treatment, but the result is the same, fabulous hair that’s shiner and less prone to breakage.

Does Overnight 8H active Serum leave any residue on bedclothes?

No, you can rest assured! Because the formula is so light and quick to absorb, no residue is left on bedclothes. Even though it takes 8 hours to supply your hair with all the nutrients it needs, you can see for yourself just how quickly the serum is absorbed.

Does Overnight 8H active Serum makes my hair greasy?

No, its thin and creamy texture spreads evenly and covers hair without leaving any feeling of stickiness.

Pantene overnight 8H active hair serum and Hydrating Glow collection

Make our overnight hair treatment and milk to water all day serum part of your daily routine. Discover the entire nutrient blend Hydra Glow collection, including:
Hydra Glow Quenching Shampoo - for deep hydration and healthy glow, this sulphate free shampoo with biotin cleanses hair without stripping or weighing it down
Hydra Glow Quenching Conditioner - replenishes, protects and gives hair a healthy glowing smoothness and moisture, transforming it from dull and dry to soft and shiny beautiful locks
Intense Hydration Sorbet Mask - returns moisture to each and every hair, smooths cuticles and gives an extra level of TLC, bringing life back to your overworked strands. Our overnight serum helps you achieve weightless hydrated hair with a healthy glow. Let the night reverse the day's damage and wake up in the morning with hydrated, visibly repaired and softer hair.

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