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Is Your Hair Damaged?
A photo of a woman with long brown hair styling her hair with a curling iron

Is Your Hair Damaged?

A simple test to learn about hair condition

What this is testing:

Hair Damage

Why this is important

When your hair’s outer layer is damaged, care is needed to protect it from further, more severe damage and breakage. There are advanced ingredients in our Pantene hair care products that target damaged areas and help repair them.

What You’ll Need

A hair strand, 175 ml glass of water, clock that can count seconds

An illustarion showing 2 glasses of water and 2 rolled strings - one is on the water surface and another one is sinking

How to conduct this experiment

Step 1: Take a clean (shampooed only) hair strand from the middle to back of your head.
Step 2: Roll the hair strand into a ball and place it in a glass of water.
Step 3: How long does it take the hair strand to sink?


If the hair strand sinks within a couple of seconds, your hair health is poor, and your hair is damaged. Your hair needs products that help repair and protect weak, damaged hair.
If the hair strand floats for over one minute, your hair condition is good and your hair is mostly in good shape and you can count on healthy looking hair. It needs continued conditioning to keep it manageable and protected against damage.