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Top five styling tips for curly hair
A young stylish woman with very curly fairly brown hair touching her curl and looking behind the camera with dreamy face

Top five styling tips for curly hair

It’s not easy having curly hair – one ounce of humidity and poof! It’s goodbye style and hello frizz. But having curly hair doesn’t equal problem hair -- check out our top five tips for maximizing your curl power.

Don’t Go Nuts with the Hair Products

When it comes to curls, it’s all about the right balance of products. Oftentimes, the nature of twisty, curly hair prevents the scalp’s natural oils from traveling all the way down the hair shaft, which can result in an oily scalp and dry ends. That’s why it’s so important to focus shampoo on the scalp to clean oil and conditioner on the ends for some added moisture. Add an anti-frizz serum or hair moisturizer to your regimen for an extra dose of smoothness and definition. These treatments help soften the ‘rough micro-edges’ in the hair, helping your curls look soft, defined, and chaos-free.

Try Air-Drying or Use a Hair Diffuser

Those with curly hair can get away with completely skipping the blow-dry and simply air-drying. Besides the fact that it minimizes the risk of heat damage, air-drying is great on those hot summer days when all you want to do is throw your hairdryer out the window. If you do go for an air-dried look, try using a non-crunchy mousse, then twist hair into pin curls on the top of your head. By gently twisting hair around the finger and pinning it to your head to dry, you’ll get those perfectly bouncy ringlets with minimal effort. If you’re in a pinch and have to blow-dry (hello, #lateforeverything), use a diffuser, which will spread heat evenly and minimize frizz.

Spritz for a Quick Pick-Me-Up

When curls have gone flat or frizzy, there’s nothing better than a quick spritz of dry oil or a leave-in conditioner. After a quick spray, gently brush or scrunch your curls for an instant shine and definition boost.

Preserve Your Blow-dry with a Twist

To extend the life of your blow-dry, use a Smoothing Creme then twist your hair into a rope braid before you go to bed. The twist will keep your hair from going completely frizzy overnight and help extend the life of your blow-dry. To get a rope braid, divide each pigtail into two parts, twisting one section to the left and the other section to the right, then twist the two sections together.

Channel Your Inner Sleeping Beauty – Catch Some Zs on Satin

A satin pillow will reduce the pull on your hair, minimizing breakage. As if you needed another reason to splurge on those satin sheets