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How Curly Is Your Hair?
A portrait photo of woman with very curly brown hair smiling at looking down on the side

How Curly Is Your Hair?

A simple test to learn more about your hair

What this is testing:

Hair curvature

Why this is important

When you have very curly hair, the hair strands' twists and turns require special care and a special set of products. With curly hair, the curlier your hair is, the harder it is to stay moisturized or to stay under control.

What You’ll Need

The visuals below on a computer screen, a hair strand, a ruler, small cup of water

A picture of illustrated shield

How to conduct this experiment

Step 1:Take a hair strand from the middle to back of your head (approximately 6 inches in length).

Step 2: Wet the hair strand and let it dry naturally.

Step 3: Look at the target visual on-screen. Which ring's curve best matches the curve of your hair?


When dry, if the hair strand is within or outside of the outer circles (the pink and white circles), your hair is very straight, and needs conditioning levels based on its hair diameter that helps to align and protect hair from damage.

When dry, if the hair strand is within either of the inner circles (purple and white), you have curly hair and need moisturizers that help seal and smooth cuticle edges, define curls, and control frizz.