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Shade Fade
A photo of a woman with long wavy brown hair holding her head and standing backwards to the camera

Shade Fade

We’ve all been there. You swan out of the salon with a head full of va-va-voom vibrant color– buttery blonde highlights, radiant all-over auburn – that’s so dazzling in the sunshine you think you’ll never walk indoors again. A month later, your hair is drab, washed-out, and brassy, and you’re thinking the great outdoors isn’t so great after all.

What happened? When you dye your hair, the pigment is held inside the hair strand. Unfortunately, chemically-treated strands become porous, causing color pigments to easily escape (FYI: red hues disappear the fastest, since these molecules are smaller). Even worse? Moisture can seep away, too. Sans moisture, your hair can look dull, and environmental damage can turn your shade brassy. No wonder it’s a challenge for your hair to hang on to its hue!


The goal here is to seal the cuticle – the outside, protective layer of the hair follicle – so color pigments and moisture don’t have a chance to disappear. So, stop shade wash-out before it starts with a color-preserving shampoo and conditioner – these help repair damaged cuticles, while also replacing lost moisture.


Always wear a hat if you’ll be hanging out in a hot climate. Sun overexposure degrades your hair hue, which causes your color to turn orangey-brassy.


Instead of going dramatically lighter (which, if you’re brunette, calls for ‘do-damaging bleach), try a color that’s a tad deeper. If you love being blonde, skip platinum and go for a darker honey shade or golden-brown. Or try dazzling lowlights instead of highlights. These shades last longer, because they’re not as damaging!


Pantene Pro-V Color Preserve Shine Shampoo and Conditioner help your hair follicles act like they did before they were colored! The bottom line? These strand-glowifying gems help regulate moisture movement, allowing your tresses to retain color and moisture. The result? Bright, brilliant color for days.