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Bottle of product: Pantene PRO-V miracles 3 seconds gloss - DAILY LEAVE ON CONDITIONER

Pantene Colour Hair Gloss Leave On Conditioner



Pantene 3 Seconds Gloss Daily Leave On Hair Conditioner is a biotin leave in conditioner for coloured hair that rebuilds, smooths and seals hair for a healthy, vibrant gloss. Enriched with biotin, gloss mineral and niacinamide blends, it helps repair damaged hair fibres using molecular hair refilling technology that targets damaged hair. This treatment is suitable for damaged and coloured hair, including both permanent and temporary dyes. Use together with products from the Colour Gloss collection for a complete hair care routine from the Pro-V Miracles line for healthier hair and restored lustre.

How to Use

Apply on wet hair, starting from the tips. For best results, use with Pantene Colour Gloss collection. Suitable for everyday use.


  • Biotin leave in hair conditioner for colour damaged hair, enriched with gloss mineral, niacinamide & Pro-V

  • Colour Gloss Treatment helps repair damaged hair fibres

  • Its molecular hair refilling technology targets damaged hair to bring your colour gloss back to life

  • Rebuilds, smooths and seals hair for a healthy gloss

  • Spray onto hair daily before styling for best results

  • Use together with Colour Gloss collection products for a complete hair care routine