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Menopause Conditioner, Pantene Revitalize


In menopause your scalp & hair can get dry. Our gentle Pantene Hair Biology Revitalize & Soothe conditioner is specifically designed for menopause. It revitalizes your dry hair, gives it a boost of moisture and shine, while keeping hair's volume. Discover Pantene Pro-V Hair Biology with a new tailored made collection for your hair's biology needs at every age.

How to Use

  1. Apply to wet hair, focusing on the lengths and the tips.
  2. Let it absorb and then rinse thoroughly.


Every bottle of Pantene is the result of years of scientific research. Unique formulas filled with purposeful ingredients, most notably our Pro-V Nutrient Blend that makes hair strong and healthy-looking from the inside out, so that everyone can experience more great hair days.

Our Pantene Menopause Conditioner is infused with


Vitamin B3

White Tea

Good for you & the planet

Recyclable bottle. Please recycle me!

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