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Whatever hair you dream of

we stand with you


Created in collaboration with the local transgender and gender non-conforming community, we explore the true power of hair to express identity and the power of support from those around us to enable that self-expression. Watch our latest film to hear Lea, Travis, Angela, Vivek and Johanna tell their stories about what the support from their loved ones has meant for their hair journeys as they revisit old family photos and recreates them as their true selves. Our support goes beyond giving the community a platform to share their stories; we are also partnering with TheDressCodeProject, Associazione Libelulla and Fundacion de 26 diciembre to provide safe spaces and job opportunities for the transgender and gender non-conforming community. Pantene’s ultimate mission is to create more allies for the LGBTQ+ community, provide safe spaces for those who do not have them, and give more great hair days for everyone. Support is a gift, now more than ever. Let’s show it.

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Beyond sharing their powerful stories, we are also teaming up with Kristin Rankin & The DressCode Project: a global not-for-profit alliance of hair salons committed to providing positive, gender-affirming services for LGBTQ2S+ clients. Whatever hair you dream of, we stand with you.

Hair has no gender1

Today Hair is gendered.

Let's change that.

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Travis Alabanza