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Caffeine for hair
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Caffeine for hair

Caffeine – it’s forged its way into modern day living thanks to unique qualities that have the power to invigorate, increase energy levels and increase physical performance by raising adrenaline levels. It’s antioxidant rich and boasts a number of impressive health benefits when consumed in moderation. But what about caffeine for hair?

Caffeine for hair: does caffeine help hair growth?

With 50% of women suffering from hair loss for one reason or another, and another 35% concerned about their fine or thinning hair, it’s not surprising that scientists have searched high and low for solutions to stimulate hair growth - and to make existing hair look plump and thick, minimising the appearance of thinning strands.

One of the main hero ingredients that’s emerged from research is caffeine, with caffeine for hair and caffeine hair growth topping hair-related search terms after the news of its effects broke. Caffeine’s believed to increase blood flow, which is a highly beneficial trait as circulation’s important for natural, healthy hair growth.

So, will caffeine for hair will lead you to the luscious locks you’re after? Research on caffeine for hair growth has examined the effects of caffeine on the hair follicles to see if it helps to stimulate growth for improved density and strength. The results? Overall, caffeine for hair helps to stimulate growth. This happens right at the roots, where a dose of caffeine energises hair - think of it as that morning espresso that perks you up, but for your hair. Here’s what was found:

• Caffeine for hair ups the hair’s ability to grow. There’s a hormone present to some extent on everyone’s head called DHT, which is a form of testosterone, and is a common cause of hair loss. Caffeine targets and inhibits this hormone, to prevent shedding and encourage growth.

• Caffeine helps hair growth by extending the growth phase of hair. Your hair has three phases - anagen, catagen and telogen. Hair grows during the anagen phase, when the hair follicle’s getting the nutrients and blood supply needed to thrive. Studies have shown caffeine can prolong the anagen phase of hair growth in males and females.

• It balances hair. Every strand of hair contains protein and keratin, both of which are really important to having long, and strong hair. Caffeine for hair not only has a positive effect on the production of protein and keratin, but it’s also shown to inhibit the death of keratin-producing keratinocytes - meaning hair’s much more resilient and healthier.

Bottom line? Caffeine for hair is proven to have growth-promoting effects.

So, if you’ve ever found yourself examining the amount of hair that’s clogged the drain, or you’ve noticed you’re cleaning your brush more often than usual, caffeine for hair could be the way to go.

Caffeine for hair growth

We know that caffeine for hair can help to stimulate growth, but add this antioxidant rich supplement to Pantene’s active Pro-V nutrient blends and you have yourself a powerful Pro-V combination. 

Pantene’s Grow Strong collection’s mask infused with bamboo, biotin and Pro-V nutrients for stronger against styling damage, healthier and fuller-looking hair that’s less prone to breakage.

If hair loss is a concern, revamping your haircare routine is a good place to start. Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Shampoo and Pantene Pro-V Miracles Grow Strong Conditioner work in unison to deeply nourish strands to help reduce hair loss and hair to grow stronger. The powerful formula combines Pro-V science with biotin and bamboo for 100% stronger* hair against styling damage.

Add caffeine for hair to the mix, and you’ll be well on your way to more great hair days. Infused with the potent teaming of caffeine, bamboo and biotin, Pantene Pro-V Miracles Roots Awakener Hair Fortifier is uniquely designed to stimulate the roots, creating the optimal environment for improved hair growth. Focus on the roots and massage into the scalp to target hair follicles, so you, and those tresses, reap the benefits of this antioxidant-rich, caffeine infused blend.

Want more on how to prevent hair loss? Or maybe you’re not sure how to know if your hair loss is normal, we’ve put together guides with tips and hair hacks from the experts to help.

*hair loss due to breakage, vs. non conditioning shampoo
**strength against styling damage, vs. non conditioning shampoo

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