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Food is one of the great pleasures of life. The benefits of a healthy diet are obvious when trying to watch one’s weight or cholesterol level, but what we eat also greatly influences the condition of our healthy-looking hair, making diet and hair linked to one another. Hair is a record of one’s diet and nutrition, and that means that what we are not eating can show up, too, in our hair. As protein is one of hair’s key building blocks, insufficient protein in one’s diet can lead to a decrease in hair’s diameter, making hair less healthy-looking and thick. In addition, crash dieting can result in hair loss, as hair’s growth cycle can be impacted, causing a higher than normal number of hair follicles to shed their hair fibers. The conclusion? Diet and hair are linked. If you want healthy-looking hair and beautiful hair, eat healthy foods, don’t crash diet, and get plenty of protein.

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