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Hair frizz and static are on opposite ends of the moisture spectrum. Too much moisture? Hair frizz happens. Too little? Static happens. Moisturized hair has the ability to dissipate charge, so in higher humidity hair frizzes out but doesn’t build up charge. Because very dry hair doesn’t have water to release any built-up charge, the neighbouring strands will begin to repel each other, causing static—each strand has built up a lot of negative charge and doesn’t want to be near other hair strands. You may notice that on days when you have staticky hair, you may also be getting small electric shocks when you touch metal—that is how your body is releasing the built-up electrical charge.

Interestingly enough, there are formulation similarities between hair care products that address hair frizz and those that address static. Both create a barrier of sorts to better control the movement of moisture and keep it where it needs to be—either on the outside (frizz- Defence hair care products) or on the inside (moisturizing static-Defence hair care products).

Positively charged hair care ingredients work to help neutralize excessive negative charges.

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