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Gold Series Leave-on Detangling Milk from Pantene


Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk lightweight conditioning and detangling without leaving hair feeling greasy or weight down.

Designed for afro and curly hair, Pantene Gold Series was co-created by a team of scientists and dermatologists, formulated with Pro-V nutrient blends and innovative technology.

This lightweight cream makes combing easy, with the creamy texture effortlessly hydrating and softening strands.

Use your fingers first, the a wide-tooth comb for best results. Pantene Gold Series Leave-On Detangling Milk’s silicone formula preps and strengthens hair so it’s style ready.

Presenting the gold standard in moisture, developed by scientists and perfected by stylists for smoother, softer and more defined curls.



How to Use

  1. Begin with damp or dried hair.
  2. Apply 2 pumps of hair detangler to palm, and rub in hands to emulsify.
  3. Smooth the cream onto hair from mid-shaft to ends, then finger-comb through evenly.
  4. Use a wide-tooth comb to finish detangling, and you're ready to style.


Every bottle of Pantene is the result of years of scientific research. Unique formulas filled with purposeful ingredients, most notably our Pro-V Nutrient Blend that makes hair strong and healthy-looking from the inside out, so that everyone can experience more great hair days.

Our Gold Series Leave-on Detangling Milk from Pantene is infused with

Nourishing Blends

Argan Oil

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